Did you know that every time you shop small a REAL person does a happy dance? Well, hi! My name is Laken, and every time you shop BROOKS / CO the happy dance comes from me. I grew up in Bountiful, Utah, married my best friend and promptly popped out my favorite tiny human, who is usually at my side "happy dancing" with me after every one of your orders ;) We started this business in a small town just north of Dallas as a way to get back to our roots. I am more than happy to announce that, in LARGE part thanks to every one of you, as of April of 2017 we have officially accomplished that goal!

Wanna hear a funny story? Growing up, I never really had that "passion for fashion". Don't get me wrong, I loved a great outfit as much as the next girl, but I grew up a TOTAL tomboy. Nothing but track pants and hoodies for me, thanks. When I woke up one morning and told my mom I wanted to try out for a cheer team, I think she almost peed her pants with excitement! Even from then on, I would still consider myself a jeans & tee, going for comfort kind of girl. At first, I felt a bit silly telling people I wanted to sell clothes and shoes. I mean.. why? But I knew how to work hard and how to provide excellent customer service. This business has given me a whole new love [probably borderline obsession] for fashion. But that doesn't mean i've lost my love for comfort. I try to make sure everything we sell is just as comfortable as it is cute. Who said you can't have both? We are so exceptionally grateful for each and every one of you for supporting us on the crazy journey that is BROOKS / CO.

Thank you, thank you & thank you again!